The Culpeper


The Culpeper

A London pub in Spitalfields


40 Commercial Street

London E1 6LP

Roberts & Treguer acquired The Princess Alice during the summer 2012 and over the course of the following 18 months ran it as a very modest east end boozer whilst working on the masterplan for The Culpeper. 

The ground floor pub and the kitchen on the first floor were refurbished from March to June 2014, after which the doors officially opened to the public. The restaurant on the first floor followed in 2015, along with the rooftop greenhouse. The latest additions were the bedrooms which followed in the spring of 2016.

The building, which is named after East-End local Nicholas Culpeper, who was an astronomer, botanist, pharmacist and herbalist, is now a fixture in the Spitalfields area and hosts workshops and events in honor of its namesake. Each floor has its own specific offering and price point and aims to cater for everyone in the surrounding area, with the rooftop hosting the lowest price menu so all can enjoy the impressive view of the city from above.